when it is truly time, 

and if you have been chosen, 

it will do it by

itself and it will keep doing it

until you die or it dies in you.

– Charles Bukowski “So You Want To Be A Writer?”

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This is us

Write Bitches

We write because we simply must – it comes screaming out of us

sometimes full of fantasy,

sometimes tinged with despair,

sometimes brutal and bold.

Always a little sexy.

This is the spot

we come together and throw down

for ourselves and each other.

Be careful

for we are crazy, sexy, and cool

brilliant, funny, and enigmatic.

You will find us irresistible

and undeniable.

Our charm will suck you in

our talent will hold you forever.

You have been warned – Proceed with caution

World Domination Baby


The Write Bitches


Growing up, I was never the cool girl, the one everyone looked up to or wanted to hang with – I felt like an outsider, sometimes even with my own friends. Maybe that’s the nature of adolescence or maybe I was just that much of a social misfit. Either way, I certainly never had a clique of my own.

Until now.

I am pleased to say that I’ve got one and it is fucking fabulous.

As Jay-Z says, allow me to re-introduce myself…

We are the Write Bitches – Kayti Nika Raet, Laura Oliva, and myself – three girls doing our thing individually, but also coming together as our own, special force of nature. We write, we laugh, we snark, but most of all, we support each other in this sometimes cruel, always tough, world of literary pursuit and endeavor.

I cannot speak to why Kayti and Laura said yes when I asked them to join forces, but here’s why I did it: you know that vibe you get when you meet those individuals in your life that just kind of fit? Like y’all get each other right from jump? That’s these two for me. They get it – the funny, the tough, the sexy. And that’s important when you’re going out on a limb with a crew. There’s gotta be some serious trust, some mad love, because there are times when I won’t be posting on this site, but Kayti will or Laura will or both of them will and that’s cool because I’m all right with them speaking for US.

And that is some serious shit because I am a control freak

so giving it up to other folks

well, fuck. That rarely happens.

But here, at Write Bitches, that’s how we get down.

And trust when I say, it’s going to be fierce and awesome and spectacular, so I would highly suggest giving us a follow and watching what we’re up to because this

all of this

it’s the shit.

And you don’t want to miss a second of it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 9.38.05 PM


I had planned on writing something mildly quirky and sarcastic, you know, the usual. I’d had about three-quarters of it written out when I decided to scrap it and admit something.
At one time I used to skirt the perimeter of new things/ideas/projects for eons, trying to make sure I had a Plan A, B, XYZ in place before I decided to do something. I’m a bit of a control freak and hate the sensation of going into something completely blind. There were a lot of opportunities missed until one day I decided to stop dipping my toe into the pool and just jump in.
Now when it comes to something new, or an abrupt change in plans, instead of saying ”no’, and listing all the reason why it is doomed to failure, (I’m a recovering pessimist) I go for ‘sure, why not’. It could fail, and I learn something, but more often than not it succeeds, and it is wonderful.
And in attempting fearlessness I’ve met some equally fearless folk and we’ve clicked. We get each other. Amazingly well.
So when Madhuri asked me to join, I took a deep breath and jumped in. Like everything else, it should be awesome.
World domination in the works.




As long as we’re doing confessions, I have something to confess, too.

I am not usually a blogger.

I mean, I’ve dabbled. At times, my attempts haven’t even sucked. But committing to a regular blog schedule has always been something of a bridge too far. So why the hell am I here?

Madhuri alluded to this question above. For myself, the only answer that springs to mind is “because I really, really want to be.”

Like Madhuri, I’ve struggled to find my “crew”.

Like Kayti, I tend to shy away from new projects (my reasons are slightly different; I’m just a total commitment-phobe).

This is why we click. This is what made me so excited when Madhuri first invited me on board.

Everybody wants to be understood, but I think for writers, it goes deeper than that. We need to be understood. We spend much of our lives in our own heads. When we finally break surface only to find the waters around us empty, it’s crushing.

Conversely, when you come up for air and are surrounded by people who are rooting for you to do what you do, well, it’s fucking beautiful.

Write on, fellow bitches. Let’s go swimming.




4 thoughts on “About

  1. I truly enjoy your writing style and of course very impressed by the volume of work you have completed. Are you sure you have a day job and kids? Just so you know the team is rolling deep to your next reading (whether you want us to or not) like dancehall fans at a Buju concert, in the heart of Flatbush, Brooklyn, on labor day … smile!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wanda, thanks for the sweet message and for hanging with me last night at the FB party. And an extra special thanks for adding my books to your TBR shelf. I hope you love them. Cheers.


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