I Want


There is nothing more I want than to touch you

I crave it just like you said I would.

I want to run my hands up your thighs and press my palm against that fucking huge bulge and listen to you moan while my lips press to your throat and I taste the salt of your sweat

I want to climb into your lap and grind my wet pussy against you and wrap my fingers in your hair and kiss you so deeply you lose your breath

I want you to touch my face and lips and throat

and kiss me softly as if I’m delicate and I matter and am not just the girl you slammed into the door and fucked like a whore and I want you to whisper in my ear that you have never seen anyone so beautiful and that I




The End




I did it! I wrote the final sentence of Monster, book 4 of the Outsider Chronicles! Yay!

(Only six more chapters to go!)

I never realized this until writing book 4 but the closer I get to the final part of the story the slower I write. Which is weird because since I hop all over the place, the book isn’t finished after writing “The End” usually I have to go back and fill in that middle part I’ve been avoiding.

Despite knowing that, without fail, as the sentences wind down and “The End” is imminent,  what should only take two hours gets spread out over three days. Maybe I’m savoring the moment. Maybe I don’t want to say goodbye to my precious babies (though after the hell I’ve put them through the definitely want to say goodbye to me!) Maybe I’m staving off that “What shall I do now?” feeling you get after completing your book.

I have no idea why it’s like that. I can only say one thing.



My beautiful friend, Jen – the girl who gave me my first item of makeup, rocked a badass mohawk in high school, and is just generally amazing – is chronicling her journey of change and step one is running a half marathon. Check her out, follow her blog, and enjoy the adventure. I love you, babe – you got this.

Get It Together...

In the beginning there will be lots of struggling. There will be “I can’t”. There will be “How did I let myself go?” There will also be “Maybe I’m not cut out for this…”.

But in the end there will be “I DID IT!”

(Big thanks to Nike for making the ad that we can all relate to and needed to see.)

#rockandrollhalfmarathon #peachtreeroadrace #intrainingforpeachtree #goals

Follow along on my journey… It should be hilarious. 🙂

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Something about the floating club reminded him of Wonderland. Not Disney’s Wonderland, either, but Wonderland according to Lewis Carroll: dark, sumptuous. Treacherous. It was the sort of place where anything could happen…and probably did. He had a feeling if a deranged, bloodthirsty monarch suddenly swept in and started demanding people’s heads, no one would bat an eye.

Already, he could feel multiple pairs of eyes fixing on them. Darius kept his face carefully blank and leaned down to Bez’s ear. “Maybe we should get a drink.”

Bez nodded. Her face was blank too, but nervous energy rolled off her in great, uncontrolled swells. “I could definitely use a drink.”

This time, her arm tightened around his. She visibly steeled herself, then led the way deeper into the club.

The further they went, the more sinister the place felt. Music pulsed from speakers hidden in the dark, velvet-lined walls; an unsettling mashup that evoked both Rob Zombie and Thelonious Monk. The lighting was nearly nonexistent. An art deco chandelier gleamed overhead. Darius looked a little closer. It was illuminated purely by candlelight.

The tiny dancing flames were a lovely shade of purple.

“Neat trick, isn’t it?”

Darius jerked in spite of himself, remembered at the last minute to keep a grip on Bez’s arm. He turned. A man stood behind them. His couture suit was impeccably cut, his pale hair slicked back from the sharp lines of his face. He studied them with coolly assessing eyes.

Bez gulped audibly. “Kristof.”

“Bez.” He didn’t take his eyes off Darius. “Perhaps you would care to explain why you brought a mundane to my club.”

Bez coughed. “He’s not a…that is, Darius is a friend.” Her voice caught on the word. “I just thought—”

“Darius.” Kristof’s eyes widened slightly. “Darius deCompostela? Fuck me, is that you?”

Darius cringed, and Bez’s jaw slackened. She turned to him. “D? Is there something you’re not—”

The man snapped his fingers, and the room froze. Bez froze too, her mouth stuck around the not. Her eyes were an unnerving shade of white.

Darius blew out a breath. “Seriously?” He glowered at the other man. “What’s it been, fifteen years? I see your poker face hasn’t improved.”

Kristof met his glower with a sneer. “And I see you’re still turning up where you’re not wanted. Fucking busybody.”

“Two-bit stage magician.”



They glared at each other. Finally, Kristof’s lips twitched. “It’s been a long time, hasn’t it?”

He extended a hand. After a moment’s pause, Darius clasped it. “That it has.”

† † †


5 Random Things I Find Sexy

Okay looking over the title, they’re not exactly random, but whatever. I’m in a sharing mood and YOU WILL KNOW. 🙂

As much as I like that cool, intelligent looking dude reading a book (and if he’s reading one of my favorite books, I’m totally plotting our future together #NoImNotCreepy ), some things are just… hot. Here’s a list of some of them. 😀


Long fingers

I’ve always liked nice hands. Perhaps it’s the writer and once-a-year artist in me, but long hands look so elegant, and light callouses and long fingers just make them look really… dexterous.





I don’t know, there is just something about a nice, well tailored suit that fits snugly against the leg. But not so snugly that you can slip a hand in, just because.





Yes, I couldn’t make this list without mention my favorite, sexiest, accessory. I’ve always thought glasses made people hot. You know those scenes in movies or TV where the guy takes off the girl’s glasses and suddenly she’s STUNNING?



Not feeling it.

Put those glasses back on and continue to be your hot, can-now-see-in-front-of-you self.



You may be cute Mr. Hero, but take me to the dark side! :9 






*fans self* Let me take a moment…


Look at this random sexy picture of Godfrey Gao!

Okay, back!

Of all the sports, lacrosse player have the sexiest bodies, ever. It’s trim, it’s fit (them legs!), it’s part of the reason why I was excited to see the movie Crooked Arrows. A majority of the cast was of Native American descent, and the story was pretty decent, but a good third of me went there expecting to full on perv. :3

Long Legs

Perhaps not long legs so much as a good leg line, just something I can watch in a non-stalkery manner as you walk by…





Now that I’ve fully weirded you out (oh? You’re still here? Cool.) what are some things you find  sexy? More importantly, do you have a glasses-fetish like me? Can we perv together? :3




#WorkInProgress – JUMA




I fell in love with a man tonight
without a word spoken or a kiss exchanged

He sat with the weight of the world
on his shoulders
And all I wanted to do
was unburden him

He growled and clawed and hissed
And I moved to the rhythm of those sounds

He needed
but would not dare ask
And I knew this
because I’ve been there before

He stunned with his masculine beauty
which sounds like an impossibility
but is not
And I was drawn to him
like so many before
but knew I was like no other

I fell in love with a man tonight
without a word spoken or a kiss exchanged

He bore into me with dark eyes
so full of anguish and hurt
And I smiled
and tried to ease his pain

He suggested all sorts of wickedness
with his carriage and demeanor
And I wanted to be wrapped in him
even if it meant going against my nature

He attempted to disabuse me of any preconceived notions
And when I told him I had none
he laughed

He needed to be touched and kissed and held
but could stand nothing of the sort
And so I let him touch and kiss and hold me
the only way he knew

I fell in love with a man tonight
without a word spoken or a kiss exchanged

He claimed a black soul and all kinds of evil
but his voice hinted at the opposite
And I imagined him in his youth
full of light and love and wonder

He wrapped his long fingers and perfect hands
around his glass
And despite his warnings
I foolishly imagined them wrapped around me

He cursed me up and down and sideways
while his eyes begged forgiveness
And I knew
I stilled his heart and captured his breath

He filled me
until I could take no more
but wanted so much
And I surrounded him
with my slick heat
and untamed desire

I fell in love with a man tonight
without a word spoken or a kiss exchanged

He smelled of bourbon and death
and his lips were such a tease
of all kinds of danger and mayhem
And I could not resist them
or stay away
no matter his warnings and predictions

He spoke to me of truths
and desires and needs
as if he knew my body without ever knowing me
And my breath hitched
and my lips parted and the heat was unbearable

He grinned but there was no happiness in his eyes
And I wanted to do nothing more than change that

He laughed but there was no happiness in the sound
And I wondered what music he would make if he was light
and I wanted to make him
make that music

I fell in love with a man tonight
without a word spoken or a kiss exchanged

He set me on fire as our bodies slammed into one another
and he swore he would not
but he did
And I exploded
and shuddered
with the simplest of touches

He laughed at my predictability
my commonness
And yet I knew he knew
I was anything but

He tried his best to push me away
And yet he could not leave my side

He begged me to find another
And I laughed at the odds of doing such a thing

He rushed at my body with a burning hunger
And I knew he had never trembled so
or cried out
or yearned

I fell in love with a man tonight
without a word spoken or a kiss exchanged
and can only hope he will not be the death of me.