An Experiment In Writing Contemporary Romance – AMAL

That time I tried writing a book about regular people falling in love and having sex and messing with each other…without any magic, dragons, or poison-tipped blades

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I haven’t been up in this space in a while and I can’t recall the last time I did some serious blogging – probably my Love Letter to Rihanna. I could be a punk and blame my silence on writing JUMA and editing DUTCH and beginning DEATH, but the fact of it is I’ve just gotten a little lazy about blogging.

And I don’t know why because I’ve always loved this space, but the reality of it is I’ve been scarce and the traffic on these pages has been minimal. Sure, I’ve posted the random poem here and there, but even that hasn’t happened with any sort of consistency.

This morning, intending to reverse this trend, I considered a revival of my “Thursday Thoughts” posts. Considered being the key word in that sentence because although those posts are an easy and quick fix, they hardly get me hot and bothered about…

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