My #BareFacePlay Story

Makeup artist Jasmin Rahman intends for her campaign #BareFacePlay to help women love the skin they’re in by thinking a little more about the hows whats wheres and whys of our makeup habits. She’s asked women to open up about their #BareFacePlay stories, so here’s mine…

Madhuri Writes Things

barefaceplay3Confession: I’m not a makeup girl.

In sixth grade, my girlfriend Jennifer Mason gave me my first item of makeup: Mary Kay blush in that iconic pink compact. But I have no idea when I purchased any of my own makeup because for years, makeup and I weren’t really friends.

Even today, I keep it minimal – mostly because I like it that way, but also because quite frankly, I don’t really know what to do with it. And when I venture beyond my most basic capabilities, I feel somewhat clownish. And am certain the rest of the world agrees.

Don’t get me wrong, I have makeup goals, two to be precise: 1) rock some red lipstick and 2) a cat’s eye like Adele.

Have they happened? Will they happen?  Probably not because number one intimidates me and I cannot fathom accomplishing number two on my own nor have I…

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An Experiment In #Writing Contemporary Romance: AMAL, Part 8

because while Trump is pissing off the Chinese and doing his best to ensure the world is going to hell, all of us could use a filthy little break from the madness…

Madhuri Writes Things


There is a serious funk going around that has managed to get its nasty long fingers all over me. I’ve been fighting it all week because for real – I never get sick – and although I’m keeping it at bay, I’m sure as hell not succeeding in making it creep off into the sunset and leave me the fuck alone.

I tried sweating it out in a hot yoga class and a spin class – no luck. I tried drowning it in bottles of DayQuil – no luck. I even tried being nice to it and feeding it spice tea and bourbon.

Maybe that’s why the motherfucker doesn’t want to go anywhere – that tea and bourbon is really really good.

Woke up this morning to The Kid and The Pup lying on top of me, and still sick. Thank goodness fighting slimy nasty decrepit germs has not been…

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