Why Erotic Romance?

Today is Wednesday, and while this isn’t exactly a woman crush post, I decided to let someone pretty cool take the reins for a bit.

Chevoque (whose name I absolutely love though I’m afraid to say it out loud *cough* name murder *cough*) is an Erotic Romance author. She debuted last year and already has six books available read, either home alone *suggestive eyebrows* or on the go.

Okay, I’m done blabbing away now. Let’s have Chevoque speak for herself.

Why Erotic Romance?

By Chevoque

Even my mum has asked me this question and the simple answer is, why not? I love the genre immensely, as I hated reading a Romance novel that inevitably got to the ‘and one thing lead to another’ scene that would leave you wondering what ‘it’ lead to. No joke, I’ve read a few books with these scenes and to this day I still have no idea what the characters actually did, as most ended in the lounge with innuendos. (In my mind many things could have happened.)

I also think that the world still sees Erotic Romance as an unmentionable genre or see it as just being a written form of porn. There might be a lot of well-known authors in this genre, but many people you meet on a day-to-day basis draw their noses up at the mention of it. I am still sometimes reluctant to say I write Erotic Romance as I’m afraid of how people would react. But while I still want to explore other genres, Erotic Romance is where my heart lies, as I want people to see that it is not less worthy than any other genre.

With any book there needs to be character development and story progression, otherwise you can just look at a plant grow. What I try bringing to the Erotic Romance genre, is to use one of the most basic human instincts and show that with its beauty, it can help a person overcome their demons. We all take on new challenges in life without knowing where it might lead, as the power is not in our hands and we become the slaves in our own worlds of doubt. By fighting your own demons and finding that you are capable of much more, you begin to see yourself as more worthy and that is what my main purpose is with every book I write. (Just like so most books in other genres)

All in all, I think Erotic Romance, is a genre (like any other) you either see as ‘porn’ or as a beautiful love story, based on how comfortable you personally are about sexuality and sexual expression. That is why I stand with the opinion that Erotic Romance isn’t porn when it has a purpose to show love in its most honest and purest forms.




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