Those of y’all who know me also know I’ve got this supremely fabulous and pretty fierce girl in my life, The Stepdaughter. And I guess this project we’re doing, WRITE BITCHES, got her all kinds of excited, because she showed up at the house today for a visit, armed with a blog post.

I love that shit.

So here she is, without further ado – take it away, Syd.

You got this.

Ten Things Reality Television Teaches Us About Being Women of Color

Sydney Blaylock

1. True beauty lies in the unnatural: Fake eyelashes, faces “beat,” Brazilian hair extensions, and plastic surgery is what makes us beautiful. Meanwhile Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada are the brands that solidify our sense of style.


2. We cannot support each other or have long-lasting friendships: We just can’t seem to get along, let alone genuinely support each other. By the drop of a dime, our friendships can be over but that’s okay because that’s what we have our men for.

3. True love involves infidelity, verbal abuse, and of course it just doesn’t last: There is no true love for us without drama with other women, children, and pain. We are never good enough even if we take care of him and all his children. In addition we’ve spent hundreds of dollars on looking “pretty.” What’s love got to do with it anyway? He’s a rapper, athlete, or hustler, and that’s good enough.

4. Women of color are competitors, not sisters: We can’t compliment one another; instead, we must tear each other down. The end goal is never to rise together – it’s always to defeat one another. Especially, when it comes to men, looks, and money.


5. The real goal – fame and fortune: We don’t want to change the world, become politicians, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, or artists. Those people aren’t the real stars, the reality stars are. The key to life is to become famous and attain lots of money, even if we have to sell our souls and remain sexual objects for it.

6. We are all bitches and hoes. (I think you got this one.)


7. Our body image and sexuality is powerless without the approval of others: Social media definitely doesn’t help this at all. Of course the man calls the shots and determines if we look good or not. Making it nearly impossible to love ourselves and our bodies without society’s “likes”, shares, and approval.

8. The best way to solve our problems is through verbal and physical abuse: We have to show one another that we are really bad and to do that we must curse each other out, throw glass objects, or rip each other’s weaves out. What’s life for us without a good fight?


9. We no longer aim to be intellectual and sophisticated role models for young girls: Role model for what? We have to look good – that’s all that matters. Forget the fact that we have small children. Forget the fact those same small children will grow up one day to catch videos of us fighting on national television, taking our clothes off, and not loving ourselves.

IMG_2817 IMG_2821

10. We still carry the historical, stereotypical images of the mammy, sapphire and jezebel despite the fact that women before us fought to diminish them: Let’s forget about all the women of color before us who challenged America’s perception of our body image, intellect and character. Let’s forget to love our culture, to love our bodies. It’s okay we still cute though.