Happy Steak and BJ Day

Did you know Saturday, March 14th, has been crowned Steak and BJ Day, a celebration of two things guys love – steak and blow jobs.

And falling exactly one month after Valentine’s, Steak and BJ Day’s existence suggests to me that it’s assumed that holiday – the pink and red and chocolaty one – is really for women and we love it

but men?

Eh, not so much.


For real – because let me tell you, I fucking hate Valentine’s Day.

Hate it.

Have always hated it.

It sucks

and I kinda think it’s for losers or those lame, sappy couples I would never, ever want to be.


now I’m passing judgment, which I swore I wouldn’t do, but sometimes it slips. Shit happens.

Anyway, back to Steak and BJ Day

I gotta say, I’m down

and it sounds all kinds of awesome.


It’s not sappy and saccharine

or fake

or just goddamned annoying.

It’s straightforward and in your face – pun intended – and I like that.

And for the record, some of us girls really love our steak and blow jobs.

Just saying.

Add a cake and cunnilingus day to the calendar and 2015 is going to be a fucking stellar year.