Woman Crush Wednesday — Natalia Kills

Today, my inaugural Woman Crush Wednesday post is going to be about the amazing, awesome, sexy as hell, pop artist Natalia Kills.


(Be still, my heart)

Usually, it will take me a while to warm up to a music artist, and I’ve learned to give them three songs before I finally call it quits. Not so with Natalia. As soon as I heard, Wonderland, the first song off her album, Perfectionist, I was hooked. All her songs have this dark, sexy edge and she sings of aggressive, yet broken girls who do not fall in love.


Her second album, Trouble feels more like a prologue with songs that seem to reveal the pain that went into crafting the hellraiser of a girl who swaggers through the first album. It’s more introspective, and sometimes a little heartbreaking.



Through both albums though, and the music videos that accompany them, Natalia’s wonderful sense of style remains and I suffer from serious bouts of closet envy.





She’s married now



and is one of the judges for this seasons X Factor New Zealand. It’s almost enough to tempt me to watch the show, but instead I shall patiently wait for her next album.


Top 3 Favorite Natalia Kills Songs

1. Nothing Last Forever (ft. Billy Kraven)

2. Controversy

3. Love is a Suicide

— Kayti


By the way, have I mentioned that she has some of the hottest guys in her music videos?



Due to Natalia’s shocking, and disappointing comments on the X-Factor New Zealand, she’s not much of a woman crush anymore. I still enjoy her music, but… Girl. Chill. Your husband did not invent the suit. 😡